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Wet Weekend...and then some!

 I see my girl once a week or so...usually Saturday...we both work a lot, so Saturday nite, and Sunday morning....we usually get little sleep, and often wind up ***** on towels...dang bed gets so wet....my giirl is a serious squirter....first nite we were together, she came so wet...first time for her, first time for me...that was two years ago, and it's a weekly event....get it on, soak the bed...get the towels...it's a shame in some ways...because it's a nice comfy bed....but wet is hardly the right work...soaked...flooded....frequently a lake of sorts...I really enjoy her orgasms...I've not counted how many in a while, it is many tho....I especially like having her cum with my cock down her throat...she is gasping on my cock head while her jucies ore flowing....sometimes its an explosion too..usually after she has come a number of times...just drenches everything....then it's get the towel...spread it out, find the blankets...and get some sleep...till first wake up...usually me, and I find her, she presse her hot little bottom to me...thogh after a few minutes she likes to tuen over and find my cock, first with her hand, then quickly with her hot mouth, and , much to both our delights, feast on my cock for a good long while....and suck my balls...she is busy with that teasy tongue as well...Occasionally I explode fromher tongue licking under my balls...she finds that spot...it's GOOD MORNIG!!!

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  • 178 cm 5 ft 10 in
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  • United States
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  • WI
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  • 2011-08-16
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