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Our Holiday in Cap D'Agde Part 2

When we returned we found we had to stop about fifteen feet short of our towels as a small crowd had formed to watch the couple just up the beach who were engaged in enthusiastic cock-sucking. While we stood waiting, our path blocked by the wanking watchers, Mrs G drew my attention to two couples side by side about ten feet to our right who were doing synchronised screwing. Surely this will be in the next Olympics. Women on their backs, legs in the air, men fucking, vigorously, stroke for stroke and rather showboating, in my opinion. I hope the women had put suntan lotion on the soles of their feet. It’s a part of the body that gets overlooked, unless you know you’re going to spend most of the afternoon with your legs in the air.
I found them a bit showy and boring. So I looked away to my left.
That’s when I saw her again, the slim, pale-skinned, perfectly respectable, English woman. She was just two feet away from me on my left, laying on her back on her towel, legs slightly spread, head back, eyes closed, her husband laying next to her on his side. With a gentle, persistent and rhythmic action, using the middle finger of his right hand, he was describing a circular motion on and around her clitoris.
Why hadn’t I seen them before? Well, unlike the fucking foursome to our right, they were being completely undemonstrative. At the pool I had only been able to risk a quick, passing glance and her legs were closed but here her thighs were parted and she was aroused and I had all the time in the world to study her vulva in some detail. I had misjudged the beauty of her inner labia. They were fleshy and complex and ornate and voluptuous and most definitely protruded proudly some way from her outer lips as they moved under the gentle manipulation of his fingers. I diverted Mrs G’s attention from the demonstration foursome. The movement of the pale-skinned woman’s stomach muscles showed that she was starting to breath heavily though, as yet, she wasn’t making any noise. Then her right leg started to twitch and jump involuntarily. Her man skilfully, patiently, gradually and tenderly built up the tension but never increased the speed or changed the rhythm of his digital gyrations, manipulating her fleshy labia for five minutes or more while F and I stood beside them and gazed down on her sexy and increasingly highly fuckable body. Bit by bit her breathing became heavier and deeper while her right leg jumped and twitched more frequently and violently. She began emitting quiet moans with each breath. I said to Mrs G that I though she was going to come. Sure enough her gasps became much more audible and her slim, sexy body suddenly gave five or six large, uncontrollable spasms, matched by corresponding loud, climactic gasps of pleasure as she arched her back and reached her orgasm, then collapsed back onto the sand. For the first time she opened her eyes, looked at her partner and giggled as he smiled down at her.
Sadly and rather disappointingly, they did not go on to fuck right there beside us but I’m in no doubt that they must have done when he got her back to their hotel room and on many other occasions during their holiday.

Our Holiday In Cap D'Agde Part 1

The slim, pale-skinned, perfectly respectable, English woman had settled down on one of the sun-loungers around the hotel pool next to her husband, that’s on the assumption that he was her husband. 
She was mid-thirties with dark brown hair framing her very pretty face, about 5’6” and although slim she was shapely with a wonderfully rounded backside and bigger breasts than would be expected, not large by any means but well proportioned on her otherwise slim frame. Unlike most of the other women at the hotel she wasn’t fully shaved. Rather, her pubic hair was well trimmed at the front and disappeared neatly between her legs either side of her outer lips. She wore no make up.
He must have been a good fifteen years older. Grey hair receding and grey beard encroaching. Over six foot and in pretty good shape.
I decided I’d risk a closer glance as I walked past her to go to my room and the sight was glorious. Her pink, almost rose pink, inner labia were clearly on display, peeping out from between her modest outer labia. It was the contrast that really made the sight so magnificent - pale skin, dark pubic hair and pink lips. Pink inner lips forming a pair of slim, straight, neat parallel lines inside her black-haired fringe.
I only caught an occasional glimpse of her until we went to the beach three days later, around five o’clock when the sexual action usually started.
It was pretty busy but we spotted a gap to lay out our beach-towels about half way between the sea and the dunes. We’d only been there about ten minutes when the couple next to us, about five feet away, started up. The woman had been casually wanking the man for a few minutes but it didn’t look like it would come to much. There’s always some low-level masturbation and oral sex going on. However, this women had other ideas. Having got her man fully erect, she moved down to kneel down between his legs, facing away from him and bending forward. He was on his back and with his hand he pushed his very stiff cock down away from his belly. She then simply backed right onto it. It went in easily and fully. I was a little surprised how fully as, quite honestly, they were both a bit overweight, him more so than her. He had a bit of a belly and not a particularly big prick, while she had quite full buttocks - full but nicely rounded and seemingly firm. Plus it was quite an unlikely position, as she wasn’t on top of him but kneeling between his open legs. Anyway, despite her less than athletic build, she really started going for it in an energetic manner and was soon breathing quite noisily as she slid back and forth on his penis. It was still hot and sunny and she was working up a real sweat with her relentless motion which she kept up without pause for a good five or ten minutes before she clearly reached her orgasm and collapsed forwards. He stiff cock slipped out of her cunt and sprang up and back, slapping against his fat belly with an audible smack.
He wasn’t finished though. He manoeuvred his woman onto his towel, face down, bum raised and slid straight into her from behind, using his arms to take his weight of her back, thus allowing her to move her backside up and down to match his powerful and urgent thrusts. Initially she was letting out a moan on every other thrust but as he gradually increased the pace her gasps started to come on every thrust. She was taking a really energetic pounding which was wonderful to watch. Then he obviously ejaculated inside her and rolled off her. It would have been great to have been in a position to see his semen oozing out of her vagina but we couldn’t complain about our ringside seats.
They both got up and wandered down into the sea, possibly to wash her spunky pussy and his glistening dick. We’d also got a bit hot and followed them down for a waist high paddle in the warm Med for a good quarter of an hour.
To Be Continued in Part 2

camilav01380 said:
Here she is: date4fuq.com?idgoodtimefeel
pettingboy said:
Thx for the comment on our vid but let me assure you the man in the
vid with Gina was def not me but a visitor
goodtimefeel said:
Well - pop in. Please, do pop in. xx
nicebutnaughty said:
I still pop in and out every now and then, when the mood takes me that
is ;)
pilothole said:
hi, thanks 4 the nice comment...i will try and set the cam up for some
nicebutnaughty said:
Well thank you for the lovely comment GTF....and i know, it would be
some much better with sound. I so need to buy a new camera....And yes
you were correct, i did cum....like always ;) x
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