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jillsuckscock personal info

  United States
  • jillsuckscock

  • Tätigkeit: Fuckery
  • Interessen: Fucking and Sucking post video's of fucking and sucking
  • Geschlecht: Heterosexuellen Paar
  • Geburtsdatum: 1958
  • Ethnische Zugehrigkeit: Wei
  • Beziehungsstatus: In einer offenen Beziehung
  • Sexualitt: Hetero
  • Raucher/in: Nein
  • Krpergre: 182 cm 6 ft 0 in
  • Krperart: S
  • Sexuelle Veranlagung: Durchschnitt
  • Ausbildung: Masterabschluss Uni oder Doktorwrde
  • Nationalitt: United States
  • Land: United States
  • Landes-, Provinz oder der Region: OH
  • Wohnort:
  • Date abgehalten: 2014-11-08
  • Letzter Besuch: Sie mssen fr die Ansicht dieser Information Mitglied sein.
  • Available for Dating: Jah


We cam on Sunday afternoons called Couch Cam and Jill loves to be watched. If you want to be friends, you must have some vids or have cammed with us. That is what this service is for. We are a Lifestyle couple looking for Unicorns, Couples and SM's f

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jillsuckscock blogs

Two Guys One Girl
We were on vacation in the Florida Panhandle, in a resort we have stay at for many years. We are on a couple swinger sites so we arrange to meet a Single guy for some drinks at a local bar. Rod met us at the bar at the pre arranged time and was fun and engaging and Jill liked him. He suddenly stood up and said he had to go but, was interested in meeting again. The next day we sent an e-mail to him to see if he wanted to come over to our condo for drinks. He agreed and when he showed up, Jill greeted him in a very short skirt with no panties. He reached around to hug her and slipped his hand down, only to discover her bare ass. So, he brought a bottle of Kentucky' finest bourbon and we proceeded to get acquainted. Some drinks and conversation and we put Jill between us on the couch. This made her very excited as Rod had his hands all over her. She was pulling and rubbing our cocks until they were showing their pride. Jill reached down and unzipped Rods shorts and proceeded to suck his cock like a mad woman. This quickly escalated to the bed room where Jill turned into a sex machine. She sucked Rods cock like it had never been suck. She then turn to me and ordered Rod to fuck her from behind while she sucked my cock. We fucked her for hours and during times of rest, Jill was still calling for more cock. Rod was blown away by her abilities and skill. Next time we are in Florida, Rod's going to get lucky again as he did a great job of servicing Jill's pussy all night. ;)~
Fucking another couple

 We met a couple at our local club one eveining and hit it off right away. She was a blonde with big tits and he was average build and both were very nice people. We had a few drinks when Jill started rubbing my cock and once she got it hard, she unzipped me and pulled it out. She is very good a cock teasing so after some rubbing she started to gently suck it while the other couple watched. I got up to freashing my drink and they were all over Jill. When I returned they had their hands all over her, so I suggested we ajourn to a play room. When we got upstairs, Jill imediatly turns to the blonde and asks if she was bi. She said she was curious and Jill took it from there.

Jill started kissing her and playing with her tits and it was making the blonde very wet. She slid around to meet my cock and started to suck my cock. She used her tounge to swirl around the head making me very ridged and ready to fuck. I asked her if she would like to take it for a ride and she spread her legs wide open for me. I was standing next to the bed and slid my cock in her dripping wet pussy and I started pounding the fuck out of her. Jill was squeezing and sucking her tits. Meanwhile, Jill was being fucked from behind by the blondes guy. He finished in Jill pussy then excused himself to the restroom.

While he was away Jill rolled over on top of the blond exposing both of their dripping wet pussies to me. I would fuck Jill, then slid my cock into the blondes pussy while they kissed and played with each others tits. After a few minutes, my cock was longing to unload, so the girls flipped around and started licking and sucking my cock and balls. When I finanly released my load, it went everywhere. It seems like I came for 5 minutes and they got every last drop. They had a little fun smearing it around their tits. 

We cleaned up and stepped out for some refreashments. Another sucssesiful encounter.



 After sifting throught the many meet requests and e-mails of guys wanting to join us for a 3 some, we found a guy that seemed like a good opportunity. He was 6' and 180 ponds of lean musecle. He was mid 50's and still in very good shape. His profile pick showed that he was well endowed, 8" was his claim.

So we are having some drinks at his hotel room and we decide to ajourn to the king size bed. Jill was impressed with the size of his cock and egarly began to suck the large head. He was hard as a rock in no time. Jill shifted her attention to sucking my cock while her new suiter was appliing his comdom.

He rolled Jill over on her back and proceeeded to enter her very slow. With each inch of his cock pushing it's way in, she became hotter and wetter. She seemed to enjoy this new sensation of a wider and longer cock entering her slippery pussy. She raised her hips to meet his thrusts and moaned from the pleasure his cock was delivering. We fucked for several minutes and he rolled her over to do her from behind.

He entered her from behind and she sucked my cock while he fucked her doogy style. This time he generated more thrust, grabbing her hips and pulling her too his throbing cock. She started to grind on his cock and I new she was hooked. 

We contiued to fuck for awhile and after making her cum, he then allowed himself the pleasure of blowing his load. Shortly after, we had a till next time cocktail and left. 

These types of encounters don't happen often and when they do, it can be very exciting. The next morning, in bed, I rolled over and started pounding her pussy with my morning wood and within 1 1/2 minutes of penitration, she was squirting all down my cock and balls.


Still Looking

 Well we are still looking for some people with simalar interest to share some sexual advetures with. Age works agaist us and we know this. Sometimes people act like they are interested but, their cold feet take over. Swinging to us doesn't mean we will fuck just anybody. We prefer to have something more then just a pysical attraction. intelectuals stimulate the mind which can lead to some erotic fun. 

Some people lack simple class. They may look great, but have the personality of a junkyard dog. We try not to be picky or judgemental but, at the end of the day, if you're are a slob, you could be the best fuck in the sack and it would make no differece to us. In a day and age where can be anyone online that you want to be and once exposed, it becomes different. 


Single Males

The single male amoung swingers, is something some couples search for. We have enjoyed the MFM for many years with good friends. Not so good friends, not so much. Most of them can't get past the smell of pussy long enough to show some general interest in the people they want to have sex with.

So we have a profile on a swinger web site and it is full of single males. Never did understand how they think that showing just a picture of their cock is gonna make Jill drop to her knees to suck him. So delusional. There may be women who do that, Jill not being one of them. She dirives pleasure form sucking a mans cock because, she has met him, maybe partied a little got comfy and cozy and them she will pleasure his cock.

Unfortunatly, most of them don't undersatnd females too well so they go without.

Too bad

J&J ;)~


We are Jack and Jill and we used to be very active with this site and then we stopped for a couple years. We are back and this time we have different motives.

We are swingers and we are looking for like minded couples, Unicorns and select Single Males for sex. We are not models, but we hold our own and we prefer the same. Not into to much that would be considered kinky. We like our sex pretty straight forward.

Jill is bi sensual, meaning she will play with a female she is comfortable with and enjoy touching. If your interested contact us through this site and we will see if there is interest enough to hook-up


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Thank you for the gift x
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cutiepie51 said:
Thanks so much for the gift!
ukcouple2017 said:
Thank you so much for our gift x
tireless said:
Thanks for your gift guys
azshooter said:
Thanks for the friend request *****. I love your stuff and Jill is
definitely a beautiful woman with a pussy well worth licking and
kissing for a few hours. Kisses you sweet *****.
pemanne said:
many thanks for the gift...
caribbeanman3 said:
If you guys are ever in NYC and in search of a little company, feel
free to message me
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