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  • papi37

  • Tätigkeit:
  • Interessen: BIG TITS, BIG TITS & BIG TITS
  • Geschlecht: Mnnlich
  • Geburtsdatum:
  • Ethnische Zugehrigkeit: Wei
  • Beziehungsstatus:
  • Sexualitt: Bisexuell
  • Raucher/in: Ja
  • Krpergre: 183 cm 6 ft 0 in
  • Krperart: M



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My encounter with Sophie from Athens Greece:

At 19 years old, I met Sophie at her brother-in-laws restaurant on a warm June day. Nick has known me for two years, and I asked him if I could ask Sophie out on a date.  She agrred and I would pick her up at 7pm. when I knocked on the door, the vision of Sophie was delightful. I couldn`t keep my eyes off her, even during the movie, which I do not remember. After the movie we went to a ***** watering hole for milkshakes and talked abot things we liked to do and places to see. We appeared to have a lot in common,  when she asked if she could see the lake on the edge of town. We parked under the trees, turned the radio on, and then I watched in surprise when Sophie peeled off her blouse, unhooked her bra and showed me the biggest tits I had ever seen. I figured she had to have a J or K cup, with huge areoles, at least 4 inches across, centreing a beautiful paair of nipples that were very rigid rather quickly. She cupped her right tit with her left hand and pulled my head with her right telling me to suck as hard as I could for as long as  could. After 15 mins., Sophie began to shudder and shake, having a wild orgasm, but would not release my head from those glorious tits. Another 12 mins. of tit sucking, Sophie squeals with another orgasm. She released the grip on my head, and leaned back in the seat with a sloe-eyed grin of satisfaction. She told me that was the best way for her to have an orgasm, and that she never had intercourse , and didn`t know how to manipulate her clit for an orgasm.She reached over and began rubbing my now-hard cock through my jeans. When I went to undo my zipper, she said no, but would rub me out with my cock in my jeans. I figures it was better than a case of blue balls, so I ended up cumming in my underwear.

For the next two months, we had 20 dates and they all ended the same way. Me sucking those gorgeous tits for hours while she came 2 or 3 times while I got to soil my underwear.  really didn`t mind, because I has the biggest tits to suck and fondle for hours at a time, while giving her sexual satisfaction, assuring me of at least another chance to nurse those lovlely tits. The last date we had was the evening before she was going back home to Greece. Again, we ended at the park, with me sucking tits, Sophie have multiple orgasms, and me getting rubbed out with my cock secured behind my zipper, with one difference. When I shot my wad, the cum squirted past my waistband, and streamed onto my stomach. Sophies fingers brushed through the cum and she raised her fingers to her mouth and licked, what she thought was persperation,, and asked what it was she was tasting. I told her it was my semen. She asked if that was what came out of my cock every time she rubbed me out, and I said yes it was. Her head dropped into my lap and started licking the cum from my skin as I undid my fly and belt, to give her greater accsess to the head of my cock, which she damned near inhaled. She kept sucking until the was no sign of sperm anywhere. She asked if i could cum again if she rubbed me again and I said I could, but I would shoot faster if she sucked on it. She was excited at the thought and started sucking as if my cock was a lollipop, while I fondled those massive mammaries

With Sophies oral manipulations, I managed to give her two more small loads wich she greedily swallowed. It was close to our curfew, and I managed to get her home before the grandmother got suspisious. Before she went into the house, she told me she would be leaving for the airport at 11:30 am and would it be possible to see her around 9:am and I said it would. The next morning, I picked her up and before we were a block from the house, Sophie was undoing my belt and zipper saying she wanted one more tatse of semen before leaving for Greece. As I drove the car to the lake, Sophie sucked one load out of me, and for the next half hour, she managed to drain me two more times before she let my cock slip from her lips. As I drove her home,she said she was sad knowing she missed have all the cum I shot in my shorts. I said I was too, but did enjoy what we did have.

Now that I am a senior citizen, I reflect back on that summer, and during a Greek celebration, and parade in the city, I met Nicks son,  Stephan,who was running a restaurant in the area, with the same name as her father restaurant. I asked him if his cousin Sophie was still in Greece and told me she wasn`t, much to my dismay. To my delight, Stephan said she was in our city, visiting with his mother, and would be at his business in the evening.

All I can tell you now, is that, on Monday May 9th, 2011, at 7pm, I was sucking  Sophies now humungous Lsized tits while she sucked one huge load of semen from my 72 year old cock, and smiled as she swallowed. Nice.

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thanks for the comments !!! makes her hot !!!
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Thanks for the comment on my video!...........................xoxo Em
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Thanks for the comment on my pics! .............xoxo Em
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Thank you for the nice thoughts on one of my videos! ..........xoxo Em
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Thank you.
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