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sportingwalt personal info

  United Kingdom
  • sportingwalt

  • Tätigkeit: country boy
  • Interessen: soccer & horses & sex of course
  • Geschlecht: Mnnlich
  • Geburtsdatum: Juli
  • Ethnische Zugehrigkeit: Wei
  • Beziehungsstatus: In einer monogamen Beziehung
  • Sexualitt: Hetero
  • Raucher/in: Nein
  • Krpergre: 175 cm 5 ft 9 in
  • Krperart: M
  • Sexuelle Veranlagung: Durchschnitt
  • Ausbildung: Uni-/Hochschuldiplom
  • Nationalitt: United Kingdom
  • Land: United Kingdom
  • Landes-, Provinz oder der Region: C5
  • Wohnort:
  • Date abgehalten: 2009-10-21
  • Letzter Besuch: Sie mssen fr die Ansicht dieser Information Mitglied sein.
  • Available for Dating: Jah


genuine guy not getting enough sex requires female fuck buddy/horny female,maybe bored housewife or couple to join-lady who likes wearing sexy gear and dressing up I love wearing cock rings and will show you why whilst giving a massage

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Keine/n bis jetzt.

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womens underwear

had an interesting incident last week.On arriving home in a rush to get ready to go out for a meal I dashed out of the shower,dried off and pulled a pair of underpants out of the drawer and put them on only to find they were  a pair of my wifes silk knickers.Initial reaction was what the fuck but then realised that they felt great and fitted too,so I left them on.Why do us boys put up with rubbish underwear while the girls have all the fun.

best wishes

merry christmas and a happy new year to all yuvutu members

unexpected anal

new to this but here goes.,cant believe the fuck my wife gave me last night.we had had a quiet night watching tv and had a few drinks when rather than having another drink and seeing it was getting late I said I was going to bed and read (I had downloaded some erotic stories onto  my kindle).My wife came up 5/10 minutes later and got into bed she said was my book interestering (looking back and now knowing what came later I think she had had a look at what I was reading because the previous story was extremely erotic  and along the same lines as what followed).I said it wasnt as yet as the scene was just being set,with that I felt her hand side down my naked body to my cock which was limp to say the least,she said my it musnt be much good feeling that,she continued to play with me so I recipricated by feeling for her breasts and was somewhat surprised to find her naked and not in her pjs, I decided to abandon the kindle to concentrate on the job in hand.I got the massage oil out and rubbed it into her breasts after a few minutes I had a massive erection and started to fuck her,we continued to fuck when I introduced a vibrator which was thicker and longer than my cock,  I was using it on her clit whilst I fucked her,I then put my finger in her anus and was she was really enjoying it,I slipped my cock out and replaced it with the large dildo/vibrator her moaning and groaning was a massive turn on.I then manouvered my cock against her back door,now normally I would get a knock back at this stage( I have had my cock in there but not much more than that) I was then passed the ky and told to put some on my cock so I did as I was told.She then told me to push him in,to my surprise she started to move her hips fucking me and the dildo,I was also fingering her clit and she was really going,it was hard work keeping the dildo stuffed up her,fingering her and trying to fuck her ass.At this point I decided it was now or never, I pulled out flipped her over onto her front and pulled her to the edge of the bed ,made sure the dildo was still right up her and pulled her ass cheeks apart and went for it stuffing my cock in her ass bollock deep,I started to finger her clit again and fucked her royally she was well up for it and we both came, it was fantastic.We had a cuddle and drifted to sleep.

Imagine my surprise a little later when my cock was being stroked and she whispered in my ear she needed more,I thought I was dreaming and ignored her when I was brought to my senses by the buzzing of the vibrator this brought my cock to attention and I soon had another massive hard on,I was then ordered to fuck her,Now no man can can deny any lady that.However imagine her dismay when I finish before her,she ordered me to finish her anyway I could,at that point the vibrator packed up so it there was nothing left but to use fingers and tongue and stay there until the mission was complete,which I did.

It will be interesting to see wether this was a one off or wether she really did enjoy the anal-for my sake I hope the latter

little_cock said:
Hello, thanks for your nice comment, fine that you like our video
wl said:
hi, hope you like my vids, please add me, you seem like a good guy,
cheers mate
furst said:
Thanks for your Comment))
fukk8 said:
Thanks for comment:)
furst said:
Of course, thanx
kuckkuck69 said:
tks for ur comment
furst said:
Of course not, he even got stronger
furst said:
Thanks :-)
enogar said:
grazie!!! :)
mikenkim said:
Hey, can u believe I am Kim's only 3rd guy to ever experience
that pussy. Her ex hubby n father of her ***** for first 16 yrs,
virgin to him..beat her bad, present guy, she lives with uses her
every way BUT sexually. 13 yrs no stray. Mutual fb friend request
thing, I said hi, she said hi. She told me she was with someone n the
texts started dying, so, I sent her a cock pic. 2 days later I was
fuckin her n givin her 15 orgasms first outing.. 52 is new record for
us in 1 session
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