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aarikxa personal info

  • aarikxa

  • Tätigkeit: Assistant
  • Interessen: Experiment with sex
  • Geschlecht: Weiblich
  • Geburtsdatum: August 1982
  • Ethnische Zugehrigkeit: Wei
  • Beziehungsstatus: In einer lockeren Beziehung
  • Sexualitt: Hetero
  • Raucher/in: Nein
  • Krpergre: 168 cm
  • Krperart: S
  • Sexuelle Veranlagung: Durchschnitt
  • Ausbildung: Uni-/Hochschuldiplom
  • Nationalitt: France
  • Land: France
  • Landes-, Provinz oder der Region: A8
  • Wohnort: melun-senart
  • Date abgehalten: 2009-12-06
  • Letzter Besuch: Sie mssen fr die Ansicht dieser Information Mitglied sein.
  • Available for Dating: Nein



aarikxa videos

 - Sarah Tresse eating ass
  •   5K
  •  03/03/24
  •  84%
 - Sarah Tresse sucking my dick
  •   4K
  •  03/03/24
  •  86%
 - Sarah Tresse slut in Red
  •   4K
  •  03/03/24
  •  82%
 - Erotic Massage by Sarah Tresse
  •   4K
  •  03/03/24
  •  74%
 - Rimming
  •   5K
  •  15/08/22
  •  61%
 - Sarah Tresse eating my cum
  •   17K
  •  12/03/21
  •  82%

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aarikxa blogs

Mastrubating thinking about her asshole

 Look at that beautiful ass. Big, Roound, hard. Her ex husband used to say her ass was too big... she told me that and I told her her ass was just perfect!!!. I think I am getting an erecting by just thinking in her ass!! Look at how I touch her ass, how I grab it, how I enjoy it. Look at how I kiss her butt cheeks and how I put my mouth in there ass, sticking my longer in there ass hole. The best thing about Sarah is that her pussy and ass do not have bad smell, ever. I enjoyed so much licking her pussy and licking her asshole. Watch the vids and you will see how much I did that and how much I enjoyed it. Ok. got hard. going to masturbate for her.

The fuck With Sarah

I loved to fuck Sarah.  I'm sure I would be very happy fucking her again and again.  Sarah is french, from saint dizzier, and I met her when I was working as a teacher in the engineering academy near Paris. She was the assistant for the academy. The first time we went out was to the cinema and even thought I wanted to fuck her brains out that day, she didn't want to, she was married and never had had an affair. The following week we started kissing in a hidden room in the academy, and few days later we started fucking in her house couch while her husband was at work, few days later we were doing it in the classrooms in the academy, in the bathroom, in my car. We used to go out for a quick lunch and fuck at their house. Boy, fucking this french woman has been the best experience ever. One of the nicest things about her is that she is very clean and she does not have much smell in her pussy and her asshole is always clean, so I was free to stick my tongue inside her pussy and ass at any time of the day and night, and I did many many many times, I never licked pussy and never ate so much ass in my life!!! I loved putting honey or Nutella on her pussy and ass and lick it. I remember one day we were at work and I was so fucking horny I called her to meet her at the archive room just to lick her asshole. We met there and as soon as we arrived she pulled down her pants and opened her buttcheecks to allow me to put my tongue in her asshole. I liked her asshole and pussy a while and then I fucked her for just one minute before I could not hold it any longer and came in her mouth, she ate it all. She dressed and went back to work. Then sent me a message saying: thanks for my mid morning dessert. Sarah was a great fuck!!!!

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northernenglandcouple said:
We are Carol and George from Northern England. Love your SEXY
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stantufft said:
Aurai-je le plaisir de vous connaitre pour une session de
"travail"? Sarah tu est merveilleuse
caribbeanman3 said:
Lovely vids baby
liebestropfen said:
all of them are 5 stars videos
emmanuelcoquin said:
Hummm!!!! Madame est magnifique, un vrai plaisir pour les yeux, et
quelle jolie gourmande
chasmcb said:
Wonderful pics and vids. Thanks for sharing.
summertimelive said:
Merci. .... Je me sens plus votre nergie, votre chaleur et votre
sensualit. Grande femme. A bientot.....
isa_e_joao said:
Super sexy profile! Very hot pics and videos!
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